Using weights at home

Can you spot train? NO. Given that, this post is simply about building muscle tone.

When you are in an exercise class, during the weight training segment, can you feel the muscle that is being isolated? Whenever you have weights in your hands or on your legs, you should be able to feel the muscle or muscle group you are using.

When I used to teach Jazzercise I’d have my students place their weights on the ground. Then I’d have them squeeze the muscles we were isolating during the movements. Finally we’d pick the weights back up and allow the students to experience the addition of the weigh.

Next time you pick weights up at home or the gym or in a class, figure out what muscle you are isolating. Without the weight, do the arm movement and squeeze the muscles. After you’ve done a slow repetition you will know what muscle you are working. Then pick those weights up and focus on that muscle. It’ll make all the difference in the world!


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