How to hear God’s call

God’s children are to listen and obey what God tells them to do. But how can we hear God when he no longer speaks to us directly as He did in the Old Testament?

  • He talks through His Word (the Holy Bible) and through prayer (Gen 24:1-66)
  • He can use another believer to call you to Him

What can we do once we are following Him in obedience?

  • We are to deny ourselves and pick up His cross (Matt 16:24-26)
  • We are to be conformed to His likeness (Rom 8:28-29)
  • His call requires faith (Heb 11:6)
  • We are to be dependent on God (Ex 3:1-4:17)
  • God will equip us (2Cor 9:8)
  • In everything – pray (Phil 4:6)

Have you heard God’s call for your life? Journal about it so that you don’t forget the details. Sometimes it’s hard to remember why God places us on a path. And what the journey was to get us on that path.

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