Connecting with new friends at the ACFW conference

Writing is a lonely business. Anyone out there who writes for a living knows that. These days, at least we have electronic friends. And with conferences, we get to meet those electronic friends.

Before SCRIBES (the large group critique format) there were small ACFW critique groups. I was invited to join one about a year ago—CRIT13. Because of the sheer number of online groups I had become associated with, I wasn’t able to stay with them for more than a few months. But we had bonded. We had friended one another on facebook. And at the ACFW conference we met in real life. We had many special moments. And they were a support for me when a tragedy struck my immediate family after conference. I thank God for the opportunity to meet them in real life and experience some ups and downs with each of them. There are forever friends. Friends that I know I can count on.

Ignoring the possible requests for partials you had at conference, did you meet some forever writing friends? That’s one of the very special things that the yearly ACFW conference provides for us lonely writers. Now this upcoming year won’t be as lonely 🙂


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  1. I’m so honored to be on your blog. Meeting you was one of the highlights of conference. You’re such a sweet person. I hope we’ll see each other again next year.

  2. Christina, I had such fun with CRIT13. You guys made me feel so welcome. And the support AFTER the conference was simply amazing. Thank YOU!

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