Review of Mary Poppins on Broadway

While in NYC over the weekend, we had the opportunity to see Mary Poppins at the New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway! What a wonderful experience.

We were seated in the center at the back of section A under the balcony. Spoiler alert : When Mary Poppins flies – the folks in the balcony can see the whole thing. Our seats were under the balcony, so we lost sight of her pretty quickly.

The New Amsterdam Theatre is one of the oldest surviving legitimate theatres on broadway. The architecture within the building was breathtaking.

The play. I simply loved it! Laura Michelle Kelly played Mary Poppins and she was practically perfect 🙂 Specifically, I loved how she walked up the stairs and told her employers how things were to be – Mary Poppins is always in charge, but in a good way. Here’s an interview with Laura. Bert was played by Gavin Lee – he had an amazing personality. My favorite parts of the show were the chimney sweep scene and the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious scene.

If you get the chance to see this play – do it!


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