Don’t coupon? You can still save BIG

I tried using coupons a few years ago, but it was much too confusing. To find things on sale that I also had a coupon for . . . I just didn’t have the time or the will power! I no longer coupon, yet I save BIG. How? By shopping the sales and stocking up.

We are fortunate enough to have several large grocery stores in the area, so I check out their weekly advertisements online and make a list of everything I use that is Buy One Get One Free (BOGO). Then I stock up. When I find I’ve purchased too much of something and it is going to expire, I donate to the local food bank. A win-win situation!

Note : some grocery stores make you actually purchase one item to get the second for free. Because of the large number of stores here, you actually receive each item for 50%. So make sure you know the stores rules. The new Buy Two Get Three Free deal is awesome. Harris Teeter is the only one around here that offers that deal – and it is becoming more and more common, very exciting. But be very careful with that one : You MUST purchase TWO of the same item to get the THREE for FREE.

Rainchecks. Don’t be afraid to ask for a raincheck if there isn’t enough stock for a purchase. Some stores have an expiration on rainchecks (Harris Teeter does not). Some stores limit the number of items you can purchase from each raincheck (Harris Teeter does not).

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  1. Oh how I WISH we had a Harris Teeter here! Kroger has some awesome specials, and they often pair with coupons. Last week, they were doing ten for $10 on things like soup, fruit, and certain baking goods. A lot of those items matched with coupons I had clipped (Yes, I coupon!), so I was able to get 10 of some items for only $5. SWEET!!!!!

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