Common location for all phone numbers

Where’s that doctor’s number? Or the local Pizza Hut? Or even that neighbor you met last month?

Instead of having a family and friends phone list or phone book, make it larger–make it a three ring binder with tabs 🙂

Tab ideas:

  • Family (even addresses if you like)
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Business acquaintances
  • Bunco group or Bible Study group
  • children’s school contacts
  • Babysitters
  • House contacts (gutter cleaner, landscaper, power washer, plumber, carpet cleaner, pest services, appliance repair people, HVAC folks, painter)
  • restaurants (take out as well as sit down)
  • Doctors (list Doctors for all family members (make notation of hours for pediatricians) as well as Dentists)
  • personal yellow pages (any store that you’ve ever called, local florist, library, animal hospital, hairdresser (for all in the family). Any phone number you look up to call once – you will call again, so note it!)

By organizing your phone numbers, you won’t have to search for a number ever again. They will all be in your handy three ring binder by the phone.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I need to get better organized. Just finding the time to do it seems to be my problem. I guess I need to make time. Thanks

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