Stop rust from forming on inside of paint can top

When you pour paint from the can into another container, leftover paint is left in the ridges. When the lid is tightened, that leftover paint turns into rust. Tip: Simply use paper towels to get all that extra paint out and leave the ridges dry before tapping the top onto the can. Tip: You can use vasoline in the ridges before tapping on the top to prevent future rust.

When you use the original can to paint from, and thus tap the brush on the inside edge of the can, that area gets clogged with paint and will create rust once sealed. Tip: Use a rubber band to tap your brush by wrapping the rubber band around the can, leaving a string of rubber in the center of the can. Use tape to temporarily adhere the rubber band onto the can. When you are done, remove and dispose of the rubber band.

By the way, always store your paint in heated and air conditioned space (the back of a large closet perhaps). If stored in the attic or garage, the paint will not keep.

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  1. I never thought of using Vaseline. What a great idea. I love little tips like that!

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