Organizing a local move

Moving is a hassle in many ways. It is expensive and disruptive. We’re moved locally twice and were able to have positive experiences by breaking the move into two parts. Check out my prior post on how to label and organize boxes for your move. That post may help you as well.

Plan on having the professional movers move the big stuff (furniture, mattresses, washer, dryer, . . . ) a week after you do a local U-Haul move.

Friends helping us move!

The day of the U-Haul move, try to get friends to help šŸ™‚ That day, move all the boxes, lamps, breakables, small items that don’t fit into a box. And the entire kitchen. Load all of your hanging clothes in the back of the cars and transport them on hangers so you don’t need to purchase the wardrobe boxes.

For a week, you’ll be camping out in your old home and using paper plates, but that’s okay! It’ll give you time to put your kitchen together in your new home or temporary housing. And, you’ll be able to drive over anything you missed the day of the U-Haul move.

Before the professional movers arrive, make sure you measure each room and mentally place furniture so that the day of the move, you know which room each piece of furniture will go into.

The day the professional movers come, strip the beds and drive the bedding to your new home. Be prepared to do a few loads of laundry before bedtime, or have those sleeping bags prepared! But guess what? You may have boxes all over and furniture out of place, but your kitchen is intact, so all is well. A kitchen makes a home šŸ™‚

Why in the world would I suggest a move like this? You can save big bucks by having the professional movers only transport the larger items. The professional movers won’t guarantee anything breakable unless they pack it, so move breakables yourself.Ā  And don’t forget, this allows you to be in control.


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