Basic Scrivener Information for the Windows Platform

Scrivener has so many tools you can use to organize your writing life! Here are just a few that tripped me up when I first began using Scrivener:

  1. On the right hand side is the “inspector window”. It is only visible if you click on the encircled “i” in the upper right corner of the screen. This window contains “identifying information”. We’ll talk about what the sections in the inspector window mean in a later post.
  2. Concentration mode: Black square at top makes your background go away, escape makes it come back
  3. Make the “corkboardview appear. You can toggle between viewing the selected document, viewing the corkboard (works best when CHAPTERS is selected), or the outliner view (see my post on how to do this).paint scrivener basics

As always, I highly recommend Scrivener for Dummies, it has tons of information you can use. There is a formal forum through Literature & Latte you can check out. And don’t miss the Scrivener for Dummies Cheat Sheet 🙂


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