Swiffer ~ So Many Uses

I use Swiffer sheets constantly. Here are a few examples

  1. In the laundry room there is tons of dust. I use a Swiffer sheet every few days and run it over the top of the washer and dryer, otherwise, a film of dust begins. I stick the used Swiffer sheet in the cabinet above my dryer and toss when it gets dirty.
  2. Swiffer sheets are great for cleaning ceiling fan blades because dust clings to them.
  3. Dust accumulates in our master closet for some reason, so I use a Swiffer sheet a few times a year. I just wipe the shelving down, using a ladder for high spots.
  4. Once a month, I use a Swiffer cloth on the moldings in our powder room, laundry room, and master bathroom ~ the most dusty spots in our home. By spending ten minutes every month on this minor project, our moldings always look bright and sparkly!

On another note, I have a Swiffer Sweeper, as opposed to a Swiffer Wet Jet. I attach a damp paper towel to my Swiffer Sweeper to damp mop my screened in porch. It works great! Optionally, you can purchase the Swiffer wet cloths for damp mopping, but I don’t need anti-bacterial cleaning on my screened in porch so my version is cheaper!


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