Do You Doubt?

are you sure
This past Sunday, Stephen Davey spoke about 1John 5:13-14. These concluding remarks within the book of 1John were written so that we’d know we have been saved. It was written for believers. Kind of like a hug from God 🙂

Pastor Davey stated that doubt:

  1. has more to do with feelings than with doctrine
  2. suffering can be a reason for doubting
  3. unconfessed sin ~ strips away confidence
  4. undisciplined spiritual life
  5. cultural influences
  6. false teachers
  7. enemy propaganda

I am going to expand only on the first thought. Doubt has more to do with feelings than with doctrine. Pastor stated that the closer we live to the Word, the closer we’ll feel to God, the more confidence we’ll have in our eternal destiny.

WOW. That makes such sense! The more time we spend with God (reading the Bible, praying, living out His commands, etc.), the more confidence we will have in the things God has told us.

Pastor Davey also said that we aren’t entirely certain what will happen in the next 24 hours, yet we have certainty where we’ll be a billion years from now. Rest in that certainty. Live in that certainty.


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