Top 26 Life Skills Teens Need Before Leaving Home

A friend recently asked for a list of things others thought a teen needed to know before they left the house. That got me thinking. There are a bunch of items that most of us have on our radar:

  1. cook (simple things like boxed mac & cheese, grilled cheese)
  2. cook meals
  3. bake from a box
  4. bake from scratch
  5. shop at a grocery store
  6. menu planning
  7. clean a bathroom
  8. clean a house
  9. paint a room
  10. hang a picture
  11. use an ATM card
  12. make deposits/withdrawals at the bank
  13. complete transactions at a grocery store
  14. return an item to a store
  15. do laundry

But here are eleven that I hadn’t given much thought to:

  1. spring/fall cleaning
  2. taxes, or at least the concept of 🙂
  3. how to coupon and check grocery sales fliers
  4. how to make a service appointment
  5. use a drill
  6. adding windshield washer fluid
  7. change a tire
  8. check the car tire pressure
  9. what to do if you get a flat tire on the highway
  10. what happens in the case of a fender bender ~ safe steps to follow
  11. what to do if you are being followed

Can you think of anything I left out? Let me know in the comments section below!


2 Responses to “Top 26 Life Skills Teens Need Before Leaving Home”

  1. How to check the oil level in a car / how to add oil

    How to use a lawnmower

    How to budget

  2. Susan,
    Of course ~ a lawnmower (though I have gotten through life not using one) ~ great idea.
    And the “B” word, budget.

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