Scrivenings Mode ~ A Few Tips

Using Scrivener for Windows recently, I used the Scrivenings mode. 

  1. There is a bug where page-down and page-up do not work like you’d expect them to in a word processor. The arrow keys work fine, and that was my workaround.
  2. Find/replace was complicated to figure out, so I’ll explain. In Scrivenings mode, if your cursor is in a text document, the find/replace works for the one text document you are in. But say you’d like to find for something in your entire manuscript? Just scroll up to the very top of your manuscript. Bring up the FIND box and type what you are looking for. Then click in the very first page of your manuscript. While the cursor is blinking at the top, click the NEXT button on the FIND box. You should find every occurrence within your manuscript! (Yes, you can use SEARCH, but I like find/replace better since it reminds me of Word….)
  3. You can leave Scrivenings mode by clicking elsewhere in the binder, and then return to Scrivenings mode exactly where you left off. I think that may have been a bug at some point, but it worked great for me as I have character files and a todo list that I kept flipping back to. But each time I returned to Scrivenings mode, it remembered where I had left off.

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