Hope Creek Collection

Each 60,000 word contemporary inspirational romance takes place in Hope Creek, a small fictitious town an hour outside of Cary, North Carolina.


Status: complete

With harmful childhood memories best forgotten, Hope Creek is the last place ambitious Mallory Miller wants to return. But for her teen niece and young nephew she’ll do just about anything. When she finds a carefree horse trainer entwined in the kids’ lives who speaks his mind about how to raise her charges, she questions her idea of adding structure and accountability to the free-spirited children’s days. Dylan Hall is thrilled Mallory came to care for her sister’s children, but they need space, not someone hovering over them every minute. Furthermore, she needs to stop interfering with his floundering horse-training business. He doesn’t need her creative ideas to succeed. As they spend more and more time together, Mallory realizes she has met a man worth risking her heart for, and Dylan has finally found a woman who completes him.