Promise Ranch Series

Each 60,000 word contemporary inspirational romance takes place in Promise, a small fictitious town in the Sandhills region of North Carolina.


Status: complete

Joy Baxter returns to Promise to convert her Aunt Trudy’s ancient motel into tiny houses for a live-in equine therapy program, her lifelong dream. Ryder Cole’s ambition is to keep his promise to Joy’s aunt: lead the construction process so Joy can focus on the new business. Joy resents that her former high-school crush is trying to take over. As construction problems mount, they both battle with issues of control and a growing attraction.


Madison Barber returns to Promise to restore Joy Cole’s outdated farmhouse. Since she never confirmed her plans with Joy, her friend hired Parker Anderson. Parker is frustrated Joy won’t clarify who is in charge. Madison, who briefly dated Parker in high school, wants to refurbish everything instead of gutting and installing new and modern. Their fundamental beliefs cause daily conflict, but when Parker discovers Madison’s daughter, Skylar, is his child, all bets are off.


Lorna Hoover moved to Promise to manage cabins for a pregnant Joy Cole and to supervise construction on the property. BMX Motocross star, “Bad Boy Billy” Bridges feels responsible for his brother’s accident and his need for treatment at Serenity Equine Therapy Cabins. So when Joy asks him to help with the building of a new on-site rehab facility, he throws himself into the project. With Lorna a rule-follower and Billy a rule-breaker, they don’t agree about anything except the end result.

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