Sycamore Cafe Collection

Each 80,000 word contemporary inspirational romance takes place in Fair Haven, a small fictitious town in central North Carolina. (Subplot can be removed to drop word count to 60,000)


Status : complete

Thrust back into her tiny hometown, guilt-ridden Kimber is forced to face a victim from her past—her wheelchair-bound mother. As new physician Ryan struggles to gain acceptance, he discovers the current doctor is hiding his early-stage Alzheimer’s. While circumstances push Ryan and Kimber together, they learn to rely on God, not others, for approval.


When the rent surges, Emma Mancini wonders how to keep the Sycamore Café afloat. So she buries her head in the sand and refuses to open anymore mail. Luke Ashburn owes money to a shady friend, yet all he needs is one solid deal to get him out of hock. Until then, he’ll hide out at the Sycamore Café. Emma knows her dead father hated Luke’s dad, so the last person she wants to fall in love with or accept help from is Luke.


Becca Elliott is living her dream restoring old homes, until a new hire dashes into town and practically steals her job away. Even though Garrett Wilson, the new pastor, informed the search committee about his wife abandoning him, his divorce soon becomes gossip within the congregation and a faction moves to dismiss him from the pulpit. Part of Garrett’s new job is to assist Becca in restoring the parsonage. As a pastors daughter, Becca has spent her life distancing herself from that role. So, the last person Becca wants to fall in love with is a pastor.

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