Watson Gap Series

Each 60,000 word contemporary inspirational romance takes place in Watson Gap, a small fictitious town outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.


Status: complete

Five years after a devastating car crash left him with bouts of amnesia, businessman Trent Powell jumps at the chance to breathe fresh life into a flailing small-town bed and breakfast. However, the passionate woman fighting the expansion is an old college flame he doesn’t remember. Even more shocking is that her twin four-year-old daughters are his. Kinsley Hall is surprised when self-assured Trent shows up after a lengthy absence. She is confused when he pretends to not know her, causing her resentment at his disappearing act five years ago to resurface. She fears he will run sweet Dixie’s business into the ground, which will effectively destroy everything Kinsley holds dear—her girls, her home, and the life she has carefully crafted.


Anna Belle Buckley is focused on her interior decorating career, raising her triplets, and honoring her dead husband’s memory. Military hero Hudson Jacobson is buried underneath a bevy of emotions daily as he is the unlucky sole survivor of an IED blast, a first wife who chose suicide over him, and sudden single-parent to his three-year-old nephew. When Anna Belle is hired to create a magical wedding destination in the backyard of Dogwood Inn, Hudson, the inn’s handyman, is tasked to help her. What neither expects is this developing romance. No matter what Hudson and Anna Belle do to thrust it away the budding relationship continues to flourish.


Because of her parents’ messy divorce, Trish Barker decides to foster children and vows to never marry. When the opportunity arises to adopt two siblings under the age of five, Trish jumps at the chance and returns to Watson Gap to raise her new brood under the umbrella of extended family. With custody of his sister’s three-year-old son, Austin Compton starts a catering company to accommodate his nephew’s schedule. After he is burned by love, he pledges to stay away from women. As a previous event planner, Trish accepts the wedding coordinator role at the Dogwood Inn from Aunt Dixie. Trish and Austin want to succeed, but the roles of caterer and event planner overlap and make for confusion and aggravation as they both attempt to do their jobs, take care of their respective children, and stay as far from each other as possible.