Burned microwave popcorn (cleaning)

I am sure you read my post from yesterday on airing out your home. You will read posts about using air fresheners and candles: they don’t work. Nothing can cover that odor. Once the air is moving in your home, the smell will dissipate. Keep those fans moving and windows open! And if you think the odor is permeating your uphostry, use Febreeze.

Now, onto the culprit: the microwave. Heating up coffee or cinnamon or cloves will do nothing but integrate a new odor into the mix. You need to neutralize that smell in the microwave. Use either lemon juice or vinegar. I chose lemon juice since it is a nicer smell to work with. If you have a lemon, cut into fourths and use the pulpy part of the lemonn as a scrub for the inside of the microwave, then dry the dampness with a towel.

Whichever parts of your microwave that you can take apart, do so. Clean them with lemon juice and a scrub brush, rinse, dry, put back together. If it vents to the outside, you’ll have an odor in the cabinets above. Pour lemon juice onto a paper towel and drench the area then dry. Place bowls of lemon juice in the areas that smell (microwave and cabinets above), replace with fresh juice when it begins to smell like burnt popcorn.

Let me know if these tips helped 🙂


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