Preparing your home for sale, part one


Replaced carpet with tile. Updated one piece gold globe track lighting with modern oil rubbed bronze sleek fixtures. Replaced glossy pink floral accent tiles in tub & shower with matte tiles that coordinate with the new flooring. Replaced gold towel fixtures, gold cabinet pulls, and gold plumbing fixtures with oil rubbed bronze.

If you have the luxury of timing the sale of your home, then you have the upper hand in selling. You can do many things to help your home sell quickly without languishing. The top two are staging your home and pricing it right within your current market.

Go through your home, inside and out, with pen and paper and make notes of everything that is visible that needs fixing or painting or refreshing. Then do it. This will take much time, but your home will be that much nicer than the competition!


Go through your home with an eye for what a buyer these days wants: Oil rubbed bronze or satin nickel doorknobs and cabinet pulls, up-to-date ceiling fans, up-to-date kitchen and entryway fixtures, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, upgraded master bath. Yes, some of these things are expensive, but the doorknobs, cabinet pulls, ceiling fans, and light fixtures are inexpensive and do-it-yourself projects. You would be surprised at how much value you can add to your home with some small changes. The higher the price of your home, the smarter it is to add things like granite and stainless steel.

Declutter your home and storage areas. This may mean you need to store some of your personal items,

The ceiling fan in this room used to be white. To bring the room up-to-date, we installed this oil rubbed bronze fan with darker wood to complete the look of the room

but it’ll be worth it. Go through every closet and make sure that everything is in order. Make sure that the buyer can see all aspects of the closet area without moving things out of the way. For example, I used our coat closet for storing paint and all sorts of non-coat things. Before we listed, I transferred the paint into the garage, streamlined what was in that deep closet and hung six long coats in there. In our master walk in closet, I took some of the clothing and stored it in the attic so that the closet looked bigger (the less there is in a room or closet, the larger the space appears). Make sure storage areas are organized and appear spacious.

Tip: For shower and tub plumbing fixtures, you can purchase a trim kit, which allows you to pop off the existing fixtures without getting behind the wall 🙂 A do-it-yourself job instead of calling the plumber.

Join me tomorrowwhen I discuss exterior staging and pricing.


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