Preparing your home for sale, part two

Fresh color infused mulch, great first impression!

I hope you enjoyed my post from yesterday, preparing you home for sale~part one.

If you haven’t powerwashed your home in over a year, schedule someone to come and powerwash. Does your driveway look fresh? If not, have it powerwashed as well. Don’t overlook this. It’ll cost under $200 and will be well worth it. Remember, curb appeal. After the powerwash is complete, clean your windows inside and out.

Freshen all pine-straw areas as well as any mulching on your property. Don’t overlook this since it is the most noticeable part of curb appeal and will only cost a few hundred dollars.

Yes, I am throwing around hundreds of dollars, but if you sell quickly and at top dollar, wouldn’t it be worth it?

If you have extra’s that are above and beyond what the houses in your area have, provide that list to your agent so they can include that in your selling packet. The more extra’s, the more a buyer will remember your home over the competition.

Fresh pinestraw. Nice, clean look for the buyer to admire.

Price your home well: In a buyers market, you must have a real estate agent. Meet with them once your home is show ready. Have them assess your home and together come up with a price for marketing your home. Do not throw a high price out there and see if you can grab a fistful of cash that first month. First, you will bring in the wrong price buyers. If you price too high, the people looking at your home can afford more and will expect more, they won’t make an offer. Second, you will begin to languish. Start off with the right price and you’ll sell quickly. Your agent can prove that homes that started too high ended up chasing the market and selling for a lower price after many months on the market.

Let me know if these posts helped you in your home sale!


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